Why is a Furnace Tune Up important?

Why is a heater check up important? If it's that's time of year again to run your heater for long periods of time. There are many reasons to be sure your equipment is running optimally and safe. Confirming everything is in optimal running conditions means lower energy costs and no unexpected repair costs. Most importantly, however, anything that burns natural gas creates carbon monoxide, which is a very deadly gas. Gas furnaces are designed to rid of these gases safely but older equipment tends to loose its ability to keep the carbon monoxide out of the living space! Not even newer equipment is perfect, accidents happen. A professional technician can run a full system check up to make sure everything is running smooth and safe.


Why is a Summer Tune-up important?

During the summer the average home owner runs their home AC system everyday, some...all day. Having components that are not running efficient or broken can greatly raise your electric bill. Not only does it cost more to run but a malfunctioning part can cause other parts to become damaged due to excessive wear and running. Unexpected and EXPENSIVE repair costs can result from faulty components. Lastly, good preventative maintenance can greatly extend the lifetime of an AC system, thus, extending the unpreventable purchase of a brand new system.

Can I combine a summer and winter tune up?

Can you purchase a Winter and summer Tune-Up together? Absolutely, doing so is one of our most recommended purchases. Doing so automatically makes you one of our very special "Delo Air Members". Being a Delo Air member mean a bi-annual maintenance. One in the winter and one in the summer. Another great benefit to purchasing both is unique special pricing for repairs, purchases, and specials promotions for our Members. As well as free visits year round!