Should I Put A Bigger AC System In My Home?

What will you learn in this page?

● Is a bigger AC system better?

● What is tonnage?

Is Bigger Better?

The short answer is no. Installing a bigger system to cool your home better and faster is the biggest misconception homeowners tend to have. Sounds like it would be a good solution, which is why it's understandable plenty of homeowners may think this. However, going bigger can result in a poor and costly decision. Why so? Before we answer this question, know these facts first. When referring to HVAC equipment, our industry refers the size of a system as tonnage, or "tons" for short. And for residential homes, the tonnages options are from 1-5 tons, 5 being the max. Knowing this knowledge, homeowners automatically feel that they just have get their hands on a 5 ton AC system. Whether it's to have the best, or simply be a solution to fixing that cooling issue they've been having. This is the biggest mistake many homeowners can make. When they have a bigger system installed, they quickly learn that something isn't right. For that home owner with the cooling issue, the result could end in two ways: It seems to be cooling the house a little bit better and faster. Might seem nice at first but little do they realize that the excessively large system they just installed in there home is draining their electricity and raising their electric bill enormously. And a year later find them selves making very expensive repairs on their system due to constant strain on their equipment from over working itself. Running a larger system on a smaller home and smaller duct work means the AC system has a lot of strain on it and will not run smoothly. This results in components to pre-maturely fail. For some unlucky homeowners, this can cost thousands! In-conclusion, it "may" cool your home a "little" better to go bigger, but in the end, it will cost at least 2-3x your average electric bill to run your AC and result in very expensive repairs not far in the future.

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Why would companies allow homeowners to install bigger systems if they know it's a bad decision?

Well starters, some companies may not necessarily know it's even bad. Might be a younger company that hasn't been aware of this yet. Or in some sad cases, a company might simply see a customer wanting a bigger system as an opportunity to make a little extra money off of them, by choosing not to tell them. We'd like to say this doesn't happen but unfortunately it does.

Being educated on the basics of Air conditioning and Heating can be a very beneficial thing for homeowners when either having repairs done, or when getting a complete new install done. At Delo Air, we do our absolute best to educate our customers on everything we talk about and do. Doing so is an effort to give our trade a good name, and build trust with our customer.