What options are there when choosing a new AC system?

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● What brands we recommend and why

● Should you choose a higher quality equipment?

● Can you choose between brands?

● Are there different models and trims?

● Trane VS American standard

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At Delo Air, we specialize in American Standard. We trust their equipment and love installing in customers homes. Never have we had issues with our customers being disappointed in their new American Standard equipment, wether it's a furnace, condenser, or simply a thermostat. American Standard is one of the leading manufactures in the industry as well as other industries, for a reason, their quality and reliability.

Is American Standard expensive equipment?

While it is a higher end equipment, they aren't over priced. The extra cost goes right into the more advanced technology, durability, and ascetics. The price difference is not drastic from lower quality equipment which makes choosing the nicer choice a no brainer. At Delo Air, we recommend and strongly urge customers to use the more reliable equipment for longer lifetimes and less complications in the future. So much as a matter of fact, that we have adjusted our pricing to compensate for the extra cost of choosing the Higher quality equipment (American Standard). Our pricing is competitive to choosing a cheaper brand. That means choosing higher quality saves you money now, and in the future.

Can you choose other brands?

Absolutely, but we will always recommend using American standard. We have trained our Install crews the ins and outs of American Standard Equipment. The equipment is our expertise. Using American Standard equipment is a second hand nature for our Install crews which allows us to make our pricing competitive.

Another brand we favor is Trane, which of a matter of a fact, is owned by the same company who owns American Standard, (Ingersoll Rand). They are even built in the same factories. In essence they are exactly the same product, same price, but with different branding labeling. Neither is better than the other, however, we still prefer to use American Standard for smaller reasons.

Different Models and Trims

Choosing an AC system for your home can be viewed as the same experience as choosing a new car. First, you decide the "brand". Once you choose the brand you want, now its time to shop the "model" you want. Once you make the tough choice and finally settle on the model you want it's time to decide what "trim" is best for you, what price you can afford, and which trim you will even benefit from.

Same process goes for choosing the new AC system for your home. There are a few models you can choose from and plenty of trims that you will have to decide fits your needs the best. At Delo Air, we will walk you through this exciting yet stressful process. It is not an easy task but with an expert at your side it is.

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Are there different bundles or packages i can choose from once I choose the system I want?

What tonnage do I need for my home?