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"We are are a Certified Independent Commercial Kitchen & HVAC Air Balancing Company trained to comply with state and federal building codes in Southern California. Our focus is to deliver the fastest service to our customers and get their doors opened for customers. Our company provides fast Same Day Air Balance Reports in Southern California near me for Kitchen Hoods and HVAC systems, on any building type and any project size."

Dear California Residents,

Our company name is Delo Air and we have been providing air balance services to So-Cal for 15 years. We specialize in air balancing commercial air conditioning systems and Kitchen Hoods for restaurants and we have come to understand the stress that our customers are under by they time they need our air balancing service, which, is why we have shaped our business around being the fastest air balance company near me. We say "near me" because we want to be there for our customers where ever they are, whenever they need us. Call us today for all your testing and air balancing near me today!

"Southern california's Top-Choice Air Balancing Contractor"

We have proven to be the go-to (TAB) test adjust and balance company near me time and time again by being fast, thorough, and taking our customer's side every step of the way. When you need an air balance company near me, call Delo Air in Southern California. Use us for your next air balance!

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Kitchen Air Balancing In Southern CA

Our company provides same-day kitchen air balancing in Southern CA for all commercial restaurant kitchen hood types & make-up air units near me. All our air balance reports are compliant with all health & city requirements! Schedule your kitchen air balancing in Southern CA today!

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HVAC Air Balancing In Southern CA

Our company provides fast same-day HVAC air balancing in Southern CA for all ducting, economizers, and commercial HVAC systems. We offer HVAC balancing near me on any project size, any building type, and any location! Request a fast and free quote today for your commercial HVAC air balancing in Southern CA.

How Much Does Air Balancing Cost in Southern CA?

The cost of commercial air balancing can range anywhere from $150 - $250 per hour. However, air balancing is one of those services that is very difficult to specify an "average" price due to each job being different from the other. Every customer has a unique request that requires a unique price. However, we are just a phone call away and at our company, we are always happy to provide a FAST quote for your specific air balance needs at any time!

Why The City Requires Air Balance Reports In southern California

In many states including Southern California, an inspector will ask for an air balance report for all new commercial Kitchen hood and AC installations. An air balance report is a set of "airflow" readings that are usually provided after an air balance is performed. An air balance report provides proof that equipment is installed correctly and functioning optimally. At Delo Air, every one of our customers receives a certified air balancing report upon completion of an air balance, and all of our reports are compliant with all health department, fire department, and government regulations. For more in-depth information regarding these reports visit our page that explains everything to know about what an air balance report is and the reason they are needed.

Can I do my own air balance in Southern CA? 

In Southern California and the rest of the state, if you are not legally qualified to do so, no... you can not do your own air balance. An air balance report is a certified document that can only be provided by a certified air balancing company.

 What is Air Balancing? | southern CA

Air Balancing is the method of testing, adjusting, and balancing, also known as TAB. With unique testing equipment air balancers accurately measure airflow from air moving devices, such as an HVAC or kitchen hood system, and compare them to specifications supplied by a mechanical engineer. For more in-depth information regarding an air balance, visit our air balancing page. We try our best to keep our customers in Southern CA informed about our industry as much as we can.

Why Choose our Southern California Air balance Company?


Delo Air has built a reputation as the best Southern California air balance company by making our customer's passing a major priority to us. If we have to, we make small adjustments to equipment on site, to bring your system to passing levels using the latest technology and tools to test and balance.

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When we are hired for the purpose of an air balancing report, your urgency to open up for business becomes urgent to us as well. We understand the stress that comes along before you finally get to open up the doors for customers. We do the absolute best we can to make this step a breeze.

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What makes us stand out from other HVAC air balance companies near me? We are a fully licensed and insured HVAC contractor. We can make repairs or larger adjustments to meet passing levels with discounted pricing. Don't hire two separate contractors when you can just hire one... Delo Air, your Southern California air balance company.

Our Air Balancing Service Areas In Southern CA:

Although we do provide air balancing in all locations within and extending past Southern California, here is a list of locations we service "near me" within SoCal:

If your city isn't included in this list, it does not mean we don't commute to it. We most likely do, so call us today to schedule your air balancing near me!

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