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We provide Escondido air balancing services for commercial exhaust hoods & HVAC systems and provides same-day certified air balance reports upon completion, which can be provided for all Health, Fire, and City inspections. Call us today for all of your Escondido air balancing services today.

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We are a licensed D-62 Water & Air Balancing Contactor.

We comply with all NEBB, TABB, AABC, and all testing and balancing bureaus in California.

We provide certified air balance reports for all city inspections.

We test prevailing wage projects.

Escondido Air Balancing For Restaurant Exhaust Hoods For Health Department Certifications

Our Escondido air balance airflow experts provide certified testing for all commercial kitchen exhaust hood types. Testing the make-up air unit (MAU) is always included in a full kitchen air balance.

Upon completion of all testing, we provide a certified air balance report with all of our air balance projects. Our reports are compliant with and meet all requirements for any city inspection.

What do you need to have ready before your Escondido air balancing?:

  1. Ensure that all equipment turns on and is 100% commissioned.
  2. Ensure mechanical plans are on-site and available to use.
  3. Ensure and verify access to the roof is available.
  4. Ensure all grease hood filters are installed properly.

What to do if you are unsure whether your kitchen ventilation system is not commissioned or running:

If you are not sure whether your ventilation system is completely ready for an air balance we recommend a full thorough inspection to ensure all equipment turns on correctly and is ready for testing. We can provide a full system check-up at an additional cost and we even highly recommend it as we can inspect it and make any needed repairs or maintenance along with a certified air balance!

When you are ready, our air balancing experts are ready to get your kitchen opened up for customers!

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Escondido Air Balance Testing & adjusting For Commercial HVAC Projects

We provide Escondido air balance testing for commercial air conditioning systems, for all buildings, and all project sizes. The demand for air balancing in Escondido has substantially grown over the years and because of it, we have become quite accustomed to the guidelines and regulations within this city for all commercial testing and balancing. When you choose Delo air, you are in guaranteed safe hands.

What does the Escondido air balancing test consist of?:

  1. We perform initial airflow testing on the commercial air conditioning systems being required to be tested.
  2. We then adjust the RTU or FAU equipment to produce the correct airflows specified on the mechanical plans.
  3. We adjust all airflow dampers installed at each supply diffuser (register) to produce the correct amount of air into the area or room that it is serving, which is again specified by the mechanical plans as CFM (cubic feet per minute).
  4. We perform a system static pressure test to confirm the system is operating healthily
  5. If installed, we test and balance all outside air economizers to introduce the correct amount of outside air into the building that is required by the mechanical engineer. If needed we also commission the economizer upon request.
  6. Finally, we create a thorough air balance report that includes all airflow readings, measurements of equipment, a system pressure report, and all issues found in the mechanical system. (This report is requested to be provided during mechanical inspection)

What do I need to have ready before my Escondido air balance testing?:

  1. Ensure all mechanical equipment needing to be tested and balanced is 100% completed, commissioned, and running.
  2. Ensure all airflow dampers are tagged or easy to locate.
  3. Ensure all airflow dampers are adjusted to the 100% open position.
  4. Ensure there is clear enough access to all registers for testing.
  5. Ensure outside air economizers are commissioned and functioning properly.
  6. Ensure mechanical plans are available and on-site.
  7. Ensure access to the roof is available to use.
  8. Ensure one of the A/C installers is onsite to help navigate equipment and airflow damper locations.

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Why are we the best Escondido Air Balance Contractor?

At Delo Air, are confident enough to say that we are a top-rated Escondido air balancing contractor for three simple reasons.

One, we are always on our customer's side throughout the entire process of an air balance. We want our customers to pass, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure we make all the proper adjustments to get all equipment within its passing ranges.

Two, we are a fully licensed and insured A/C contractor as well as an air balancing contractor. We can recommend and complete all necessary repairs and adjustments to systems when needed.

Three, we have shaped our air balance business around being quick. Speed means everything in the process of opening a business or completing a commercial project. We provide urgency with all of our customers and do our absolute best to get their doors opened for business on time and on schedule.

Let us prove to you why we are a top-rated Escondido air balance contractor, schedule with us today!

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