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Mechanical Acceptance Testing In Southern California

Our commercial air balancing company is certified to perform Mechanical Acceptance Testing (MATT) and issue mechanical acceptance forms. We are located in Riverside, Los Angeles (LA), San Diego, and commute just about anywhere when needed. Call Delo Air today for a quick quote or to schedule your certified Mechanical Acceptance Testing today.

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What Is Mechanical Acceptance Testing?

Mechanical acceptance testing in short is a checklist of required procedures that need to be completed by a CMATT (certified mechanical acceptance technician) to confirm equipment functionality and compliance with current building energy standards.

Mechanical Acceptance Testing is not meant to replace any form of testing and balancing or commissioning procedures that need to be completed before an occupancy permit can be issued.

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When Is Mechanical Acceptance Testing Required?

Mechanical acceptance testing is required for all new HVAC equipment installations or retrofits. Anytime new equipment is being installed onto a commercial building, mechanical acceptance testing will usually be required. As this is a newer form of testing it isn't always required, however, if the mechanical plans call out for the MAT forms to be issued, it is.

Who Can Perform Mechanical Acceptance Testing?

Only an individual that is certified through an ATTCP (acceptance testing certification provider) can perform mechanical acceptance testing. Currently, RSES, NEBB, NEMIC/TAAB, and The United Association are the only four qualifying ATTCPs. This certification is what labels a person or company a certified mechanical acceptance testing technician (MATT).

How Many Mechanical Acceptance Forms Are there?

Currently, as of 2023, there are 19 different mechanical acceptance forms that may be required for any individual mechanical project, they are:

  • NRCA-MCH-02-A (Outdoor Air Acceptance)
  • NRCA-MCH-03-A (Constant Volume, Single Zone, Unitary (Packaged And Split_ Air Conditioner And Heat Pump Systems)
  • NRCA-MCH-04a-H (Air Distribution Duct Leakage)
  • NRCA-MCH-04b-A (Air Distribution Duct Leakage)
  • NRCA-MCH-05-A (Air Economizer Controls Acceptance)
  • NRCA-MCH-06-A (Demand Control Ventilation Systems Acceptance)
  • NRCA-MCH-07-A (Supply Fan Variable Flow Controls Acceptance)
  • NRCA-MCH-08-A (Valve Leakage Test)
  • NRCA-MCH-09-A (Supply Water temperature reset Controls Acceptance)
  • NRCA-MCH-10-A (Hydronic Systems variable Flow Control Acceptance)
  • NRCA-MCH-11-A (Automatic Demand Shed Control Acceptance)
  • NRCA-MCH-12-A (Fault Detection And Diagnostics For Packaged Direct Expansion Units)
  • NRCA-MCH-13-A (Automatic Fault Detection and Diagnostic For Air Handling Units And Zone Terminal Units Acceptance)
  • NRCA-MCH-14-A (Distribution Energy Storage DX AC System Acceptance)
  • NRCA-MCH-15-A (Thermal Energy Storage (TES) System Acceptance)
  • NRCA-MCH-16-A (Supply Air Temperature Reset Controls Acceptance)
  • NRCA-MCH-17-A (Condenser Water Supply Temperature Reset Controls Acceptance)
  • NRCA-MCH-18-A (Energy Management Control System Acceptance)
  • NRCA-MCH-19-A (Occupied Standby Acceptance)

Each mechanical acceptance form has its own purpose and its own testing procedures. This is why a fully certified MAT technician is required.

Is Mechanical Acceptance Testing The Same As Air Balancing?

No. Mechanical Acceptance Testing is not the same thing as air balancing, it is a completely different process that has nothing to do with the building commissioning or testing and balancing procedures.

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