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We provide Las Vegas air balancing services for commercial restaurant exhaust hoods & HVAC systems and provides same-day air balance reports upon completion, which can be provided for all Health, Fire, and City inspections. Schedule with us today for all of your Las Vegas air balancing services today.

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We are a certified and licensed D-62 Air Balancing Contactor.

We comply with all NEBB, TABB, AABC, and all other testing and balancing bureaus in the US.

We provide certified air balance reports for all Nevada city inspections.

We are ready to test prevailing wage projects.

Certified Las Vegas Air Balance Reports

Our air balance experts provide Las Vegas air balancing reports for just about any commercial air-moving device out there. If it moves air, we can test it.

When might I need an air balance report in Las Vegas, NV?

Restaurant Health Department Inspections - The Health Department usually will require an air balance to be performed for various reasons, for new restaurant builds, larger existing restaurant renovations, restaurant name changes, or even transfer of ownership.

Commercial HVAC Systems - The city requires air balancing to be performed on all new "permitted" commercial air conditioning installations In Nevada. The city at times even requires air balancing on large renovations of commercial buildings. This might require preliminary testing before demolition, and testing and balancing after renovations.

Medical Lab Fume Hoods - Medical fume hoods are treated the same as exhaust hoods, they work the same and have the same purpose. For this reason, the city requires fume hoods to be tested and balanced if necessary by a certified air balance contractor.

Delo Air is a certified D-62 air and water balancing contractor complaints with all testing processes. We provide Las Vegas air balance reports that comply with all city departments, including Fire.

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Restaurant Air Balancing In Las Vegas, NV

There are only two main reasons a new commercial kitchen owner might be seeking out an air balance.

One, the health department or Fire departments are requiring air balance reports.

Or two, they are having problems in the kitchen such as sewage smells, extremely hot kitchens, smoky kitchens, or other weird problems that have led them to believe an air balance is a solution.

Regardless of the reason, Delo Air is the solution, we are one of the leaders in air balancing in Las Vegas, NV.

We can provide air balance reports for any city requirement, and get unbalanced kitchens back into a properly functioning machine.

How to prepare for your Las Vegas air balancing?

  1. Ensure ventilation equipment turns on and is 100% commissioned.
  2. Ensure building plans are on-site and available to use. (If available)
  3. Verify roof access is available.
  4. Ensure all grease baffle filters are installed.
  5. Have filters and grease duct cleaned sometime prior to testing. (optional)

What to do if you are unsure whether your kitchen system is 100% ready to test?

For whatever reason, if you are not sure whether your system is ready to test, let us know! It is very common for commercial kitchen owners to think everything is running when it's actually not.

However, if you are having doubts or are positive something isn't working, we can include a system check-up or service along with an air balance. That way we can schedule more time to either maintain or repair your ventilation equipment along with an air balance.

This service is an additional cost but is highly recommended. Call Delo Air Today!

HVAC Testing & Balancing In Las Vegas, NV

Delo Air provides HVAC testing and balancing in Las Vegas, NV for all commercial air conditioning systems and project sizes.

What does testing and balancing in Las Vegas, NV consist of?

  1. Initial airflow testing is performed on all of the commercial air conditioning systems being required to be balanced.
  2. The RTU or FAU equipment is adjusted to produce the correct airflows specified on the mechanical plans.
  3. All airflow dampers installed at each supply diffuser (register) are adjusted to produce the correct amount of CFM (cubic feet per minute) into the area or room that it is cooling.
  4. A system static pressure test is performed to confirm the system is operating in a healthy condition.
  5. If installed, all outside air economizers are adjusted to introduce the correct amount of outside air into the breathing space that is required by the mechanical engineer.
  6. Finally, a thorough air balance report is created, which includes all airflow readings, equipment specifications, and system pressures. (This report is then provided to the city for a mechanical inspection.)

What do I need to have ready before my Las Vegas air balancing?

  1. Confirm all mechanical equipment that needs to be tested and balanced is 100% completed, commissioned, and running.
  2. Ensure all air dampers are tagged or easy to locate.
  3. Ensure all air dampers are set at the 100% open position.
  4. Confirm there is clear access to all registers for testing.
  5. Confirm economizers are commissioned and functioning properly.
  6. Ensure mechanical plans are on-site. (Unless a PDF version is provided)
  7. Confirm access to the roof is available.
  8. Ensure one of the A/C installers can be onsite to help navigate equipment and airflow damper locations if needed.

When you're ready, call Delo Air for your testing and balancing in Las Vegas, NV today!

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Why we Are the best Las vegas Air Balance Contractor?

At Delo Air, we have gained a reputation as a top-rated Las Vegas air balancing contractor for three simple reasons.

One, when we are hired for an air balance, we are on our customer's side throughout the entire process. We want our customers to pass, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure we make all the proper and needed adjustments to get all systems within their passing ranges.

Two, we are a fully licensed HVAC contractor as well as an air balance contractor. We can suggest and complete all needed repairs to equipment when needed.

Three, we have shaped our air balance business around being fast. Speed means everything in the process of opening a business or trying to complete a commercial project. Time is money, so we provide urgency with all of our customers, so we can do our best to get their doors opened for business on time and on schedule.

Let us prove to you why we are a top-rated Las Vegas air balance contractor, schedule today!

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