Why Is AC maintenance Important In Southern california?

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Why is AC Maintenance Is Important?

One of the very last things you want is for your AC to go down in the heat of summer. If your AC goes out, your home can quickly go from a comfortable oasis to an oven in no time. Regular AC maintenance is important because it can help prevent your unit from going down when you need it most.

regular AC Maintenance Can Save You $$$

During the summer the average home owner runs their home AC system everyday, some...all day. Having components that are not running efficient or broken can greatly increase your electric bill. Not only does it cost more to run, but a malfunctioning part can cause other parts to become damaged due to excessive wear and running. Unexpected and EXPENSIVE repair costs can result from faulty components. Lastly, good preventative maintenance can greatly extend the lifetime of an AC system, thus, extending the unpreventable purchase of a new system.


Can I Do My Own Ac Maintenance?

Can you do the maintenance yourself on your AC? Absolutely, but to an extent. Making sure your outside unit ( the condenser) coils stay clean and rid of debris is one of the more important reasons regular maintenance is important. This step, when learned to do safely is something every homeowner can do themselves! Homeowners can and should replace their filters regularly. However, when it comes down to checking electrical components, refrigerant charge, and other complicated tasks, we recommend hiring a trained certified expert. Not only can you cause damage to your AC but you can harm yourself in the process.

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How Many times a year should i MAINTENANCE my AC?

In Southern California, it is a standard rule of thumb to maintenance your AC equipment once before the summer heat and once for your furnace before the cold season. This is a rule of thumb for good reasons, but, extra maintenance is always recommended if your outdoor unit is more prone to getting dirty quicker.

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