What gets replaced when I purchase a new AC For My Home?

new home ac systems

Purchasing a new AC can be quite stressful, especially when it is so foreign to most homeowners.

Replacing a home AC system is one of the daunting tasks a person usually only has to do once or twice max in a lifetime, so how could one be an expert on this topic?

They can't!

That is why our goal in this blog is to stop all the confusion and explain what "typically" gets replaced when you purchase a new air conditioning package for your home.

We say "typically" because what companies include and don't include will vary slightly from one another.

Although a new installation may vary slightly, a new AC replacement has a set of core items that should always be replaced, and we will explain what those are, along with some extra items that can be added on!

To do so we will split our list into "outside" and "inside" items.

What gets replaced "outside" when you purchase a new AC

Every home in Southern California that has central AC has a condenser that is located on the exterior, and, these items listed in this photo below are always there... or "should" be.

Here is a list of all the items that should be replaced on the exterior when you purchase a new air conditioning system, as well as a short description of what they are:

Electrical Disconnect: The disconnect allows the technician to cut power to the condenser to service. It also contains fuses inside that prevent over amping and electrical damage to the AC condenser.

Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit: Protects High voltage wires from harsh weather conditions as well as the sun. They last many years until needed replacement.

Condenser: An AC condenser contains a compressor, fan motor, and condensing coil. Its main function is two disperse the heat absorbed at the evaporator coil. Put simpler, the hot air that the condenser fan blows upwards is the hot air that is absorbed from inside of the house.

Anchor Brackets: These secure the condenser and prevent it from moving, this avoids damage or kinking of the refrigerant and electrical lines.

Condenser Base Pad: The base pad keeps the condenser up above the ground to avoid mud, water, debris, and rust from forming.

Note* All Items with red lines are items that get replaced with a new AC system.

AC condenser diagram

What Gets Replaced "Inside" When You Purchase a new AC

In Southern California, homes traditionally have their furnace, or air handler, on the interior, either in the garage, closet, or attic. All locations contain the same items except the attic.

For all three locations these items are what "should" be replaced on the interior of a home when you purchase a new AC system, with a short description of what they are:

Insulated Coil Transition Plenum: Connects the evaporator AC coil to the ductwork plenum box.

High & Low Refrigerant Lines: The refrigerant lines connect the outside condenser coil to the inside evaporator coil creating a 100% sealed system allowing the refrigerant to flow from the inside to the outside coil.

Liquid Line Filter Drier: Captures dirt and debris from entering the evaporator coil and preventing damage to the metering device.

Evaporator Coil: Absorbs the heat passing through the coil. Warm Air enters the coil, and thru thermodynamics, it exits cold.

PVC Condensate Line: This allows the condensation created from the coil in AC cooling mode to flow freely to a drainable location.

Furnace and FAU: The Furnace and FAU have two purposes

1. Blow air across the AC evap coil and into the living space.

2. Heat up the Air when set in heat mode.

Easy Access Filter Base: Allows very easy access and replacement of air filters

Return: The return gives the blower accessibility to the air inside the living space, so it can pull the air in and extract its heat. Air enters the FAU and immediately exits, it continues this cycle until the living space reaches the set temperature at the thermostat.

For attic installations, two additional items may need to be replaced or installed if not done yet.

  1. A mounting system to hang it, whether it's mounting legs or a hanging trapeze set up.
  2. A condensate drain pan to prevent water damage in case of leakage.

Note* All items with red lines are items that get replaced

AC furnace diagram

Is Ductwork Included in a New AC Installation?

The short answer is no. This is an added service and this will require an additional quote. Although ductwork isn't included in a new AC installation, or essential, it is highly recommended to get the most efficiency out of your new Air Conditioning system!

For any questions we missed feel free to ask us we'd be gladly to answer your questions ASAP!